What is Pay As You Go CDN?

Pay As You Go Content Delivery Network

CDNsun is a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Content Delivery Network provider. A Pay As You Go CDN provider is a CDN provider for which $ credit is purchased in advance of CDN services usage. The purchased credit is used to pay for CDN services usage at the moment when the CDN services are accessed. If there is no available credit then the corresponding account and its resources (CDN services, storages, SSL certificates, etc.) are suspended by the CDN provider. Note that the term Pay As You Go (PAYG) originally comes from prepaid mobile phone services.

How do you calculate my costs?

We calculate your CDN costs accordingly to the CDN traffic delivered through each enabled CDN Location (also referred to as PoP or Edge Server). Note that with CDNsun you have a full control over enabled CDN Locations and thus you can adjust your price to perfectly fit your individual needs.

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Let's say that you deliver 10 TB of traffic via your CDN service(s) and

  • 5 TB is delivered through New York PoP
  • 4 TB is delivered through London PoP
  • 1 TB is delivered through Syndey PoP

Moreover let's assume the following prices (check our Transparent Pricing)

  • New York for $30 / TB
  • London for $30 / TB
  • Sydney for $100 / TB

Then in this case your total costs for 10 TB are

5 x $30 + 4 x $30 + 1 x $100 = $370.

How much do I pay monthly?

There is no monthly fee for using our content delivery network services, they are pure pay as you go, so if you deliver 0 B monthly then you pay $0 monthly. Some optional add-ons such as CDN Storage and Custom Cloud SSL are charged monthly.

So how much do I pay?

If you don't have a CDNsun account yet and you are unsure what will be your CDN costs then simply try our free trial and after 30 days for free you will have the best estimate of your CDN costs.

What is a minimal payment?

A minimal payment is set to $20. In other words, a minimum of $20 is required to top up your credit.

Will my credit expire?

Your credit will be valid for one year. In other words, if you will not spend all your credit within one year then the remaining credit will expire. Payment does prolong validity of already existing credit. Please read more in our terms and conditions.


You add $100 on September 2nd 2013 and on September 2nd 2014 your balance is $50.

You don't add more credit

If you don't add more credit then your balance will be $0 because the remaining $50 from your payment on September 2nd 2013 will expire. Read about account suspension here.

You add more credit

If you add $100 then your balance will be $150 and it will be valid until September 2nd 2015.

When will you suspend my account?

Balance notifications

There are balance notifications notifying you about your actual credit balance.

Grace limit

Every customer (paid) account has a grace limit, e.g. -$50. This limit defines how much negative your balance can be. The limit corresponds to your pricing plan, i.e. a higher pricing plan implies a higher grace limit. You can find your grace limit on the Billing page.


If your balance gets below your grace limit then your account is suspended and an email notification is sent to you.


Your grace limit is -$50 and your balance is -$49. Your account is fully active.


Your grace limit is -$50 and your balance is -$51. Your account is suspended.


To unsuspend a suspended account just top up your credit on the Billing/Add Funds page.

Free trial

Read about free trial limits here.

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