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Current website development and optimization trends

Two main trends dominate website development at this current time: permanent functional improvement and globalization. With the growth of service, e-commerce, or information-based business, web users will more often demand fast and high quality web content delivery. Having a fast, safe, and secure connection to your site are the key factors for two main directions: user experience / satisfaction with your website and search engine ranking. Using a website CDN is the best solution, and choosing the best CDN provider is essential!

Why a website CDN is the best solution for online business

Caching images, CSS and JavaScripts allows a website to have remarkable site loading acceleration and speed, no matter how complicated your website’s CSS is. Remember, each 0.5 second of extra loading time decreases your chances of having happy users that make purchases, order your services, or download your software. Using CDNsun’s expert CDN service will help your website achieve peak performance.

Web hosting location and page load time of your website are two main factors for global and local search results as well. These two factors become an asset of your business due to our extensive network of data centers that are the backbone of our content delivery network. Don’t let slow page load times and distant web hosting servers prevent your users from accessing your content and files!

Using the benefits of local servers you can get excellent results in search engine optimization for your website. Firstly, local search results will improve due to short distance to the nearest web server. Secondly, page speed is an essential factor for both local and global rankings, opening brand new possibilities for you and your SEO team.

Finally, CDN solutions provide high level of safety for your business. Secure connection, again, increases loyalty of your customers and helps search engine ranking factors accordingly.

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