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Game Delivery CDN

CDN for gaming

Requirements to game delivery

Game dev is one of the fastest developing fields in IT. It is important to note that user plays at leisure and low speed of connection definitely doesn’t help, it’s no secret that even awesome gameplay can be easily spoiled with eternal lags and broken connection. Under conditions where games can become popular very quickly, business should always expect the number of users to increase at an exponential rate. That’s why scalable and fast game content delivery is essential for constant and successful development of your project.

Let’s play games with CDN

The use of CDN in game industry is explained by following reasons: varying connection according to user location, which means the necessity of data centers as close as possible; high-level requirements on connection safety; the quickest technical support to solve the problem before it affects your users.

If you want to know more about how CDN benefits your game services, do not hesitate to contact our support, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and find the optimal solution for you.

Why CDNsun

Wide Data Centers Network
Use of SSD Drives
Parallel Downloads
HTTP Pseudo Streaming
Hotlink Protection
Token Authentication
Country Access Policy
Password Protection
IP Access Policy

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