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New period in entertainment delivery

Perhaps no surprise that television is quickly moving to the Internet to follow the changing demands of audiences and to customize content for users as much as possible. Doing so properly requires new means of content delivery to end users: nobody will wait while your video service slowly crawls over a massive distance to every remote user. Customers want entertainment and they want it now.

Another really important moment here is high demand on video distribution services, which can be solved with the help of media delivery network. 4K video is no longer a privilege of home theaters, users expect to get it online as well, so why would you limit them?

CDN for TV and video on demand

Competent use of pseudo streaming will allow you to provide your content to the widest audience from all over the world with the highest efficiency at the same time. Our CDN servers are optimized to provide IPTV, VOD and other media content, performing stable signal that will help the audience focus solely on the content, instead of that annoying loader.

With more than 20 CDN data centers completely set up for on-line TV, CDNsun will provide you with the highest quality connection, supporting vast majority of media formats. With a perfectly tuned web interface, managing your videos will be fast and easy for you.

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