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When answering the question what non-production-related difficulties they meet, the majority of our clients in apps and software development say: "Direct product distribution to customers." Indeed, having a huge flow of customers downloading your software or apps from distant corners of the Earth may be a tough issue to handle. Running multiple data centers by yourself to meet the audiences’ expectations of your content distribution with reasonable expenses on the maintenance can be a hard nut to crack!

Understanding this need of our clients, we have adapted our CDN service according to the needs of app and software creators. We aimed to create a scalable solution that would ideally work at the peak of distribution and wouldn’t require too much budget while traffic is low. High efficiency is achieved first of all due to extensive software delivery network with data centers all over the world. Our SSD solution is effective for mobile app delivery, providing one of the fastest connections in the field.

Another important point for our respondents was safety delivery. That definitely makes sense, when things come to data transfer which is a key part of your business. CDN solutions for software delivery allow you to achieve really high security level comforting both you and the client!

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