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RTMP Streaming CDN

CDN for RTMP streaming

Best CDN for RTMP streaming

Having 20 CDN streaming servers worldwide, CDNsun provides a high speed and stable connection to all viewers.

Real-time messaging protocol (RTMP) is a TCP-based protocol that enables high quality and lightning fast transmission of audio and video data over the Internet between a player and a server.

The secret behind delivering a smooth, enjoyable streaming experience and transferring as much information as possible as quickly as possible, lies with RTMP’s ability to break the stream into fragments, which are dynamically moved between the player and the server.

Another essential aspect is that fragments from different streams may be interleaved and multiplexed over a single connection. With longer data chunks, the protocol thus carries only a one-byte header per fragment, so incurring very little overhead.

Pull Streaming

For customers who already have a streaming server and want to continue using it. Provide us your RTMP stream and we re-stream it through our CDN with Wowza servers around the world close to your viewers.

Push Streaming

For customers who don't have a streaming server. Connect your Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder to one of our Wowza servers and we re-stream your encoder's output through our CDN with Wowza servers around the world close to your viewers.

Why CDNsun

Wide Data Centers Network
Use of SSD Drives
Multi-bitrate Streaming
HTTP Pseudo Streaming
Hotlink Protection
Token Authentication
Country Access Policy
RTMP Streaming
HLS Streaming

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