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CDNsun Content Delivery Network (CDN) consists of more than 50 data centers (PoPs) worldwide. All our CDN edge servers are equipped with the fastest SSD drives and have a redundant connectivity to the fastest and most robust networks of the Internet. Improve your online presence by our CDN network and deliver your content fast at a short distance to any visitor in the world!

Compare Number of PoPs with Other CDN Providers

PoPs Europe North America Asia South America Oceania
CDNsun 14 11 7 1 1
Amazon 15 19 11 2 2
Fastly 6 15 4 2 7
MaxCDN 4 8 4 1 1

Welcome to CDN World by CDNsun!

CDN EuropeCDN USACDN Australia & CDN Asia
NLAmsterdam  USAtlantaINDelhi  
HUBudapestUSDenverHKHong Kong  
DEFrankfurt  USLos Angeles  SGSingapore  
UAKievUSMiami  AUSydney  
RUKrasnoyarskUSNew York  TWTaipei  
GBLondon  USProvoJPTokyo  
ESMadridUSSan Jose  
ITMilanBRSao Paulo  

100% SSD Powered Servers in CDNsun Content Delivery Network

All CDNsun edge servers store data on solid state drives (SSD), which are much faster than standard hard disk drives (HDD).

Read MB/s Write MB/s
SSD 70.6 19.7
HDD 1.6 0.7

Test of random reads and writes of 4 TB of 4KB pieces

Live example - download test

Test how CDN servers accelerate content and how big is the difference between using and not using CDN. By clicking the "Show Me" button you initiate download of two identical images (1 MB). The first one is cached in our CDN network and the second one is not.

Acceleration with CDN

Without CDN

Live example - download test files

Test download speed of CDN. Choose your preferred file size and initiate its download by clicking one of the download links below.

1 MB 5 MB 10 MB 20 MB
Download Download Download Download

Live example - ping test

Test performance gains of your website with CDN. Fill in your website domain (for example www.mycompany.com) and see how big is the difference in latency (speed) of your website with and without CDN acceleration.

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