The following applies to our CDN storages (origins for push CDN services), it does not apply to content cached on our CDN edge servers. It is recommended that you backup your data that you store on our CDN storages because it may happen that you accidently delete your files via FTP/FTPS/SFTP/RSYNC/API or the storage server fails a we lost your data. In such cases backups are very helpful and can save you a lot of time and effort.

How to backup your content

Upload your content to two different storage servers

Let's assume that you have a Storage A and that on a different storage server you have a Storage B. Moreover let's assume that you have the "Storage A" linked with your push CDN service (it is using "Storage A" as origin). To have a backup of the "Storage A" you just need to upload the same content also to the "Storage B". Please note that it is not necessary to link the "Storage B" with some CDN service, you can use it just for backups. Please refer to Creating a CDN storage for more details.

Crisis scenario

Let's assume that from some reason you lost the "Storage A", so the corresponding CDN service lost its origin. The only step you need to do to fully recover from the crisis is to visit the Services/Settings page and update the CDN service settings to use the "Storage B".

Backup your content for free

As a customer you have 4.00 GB of free space on one of our storage servers of your choice. Moreover you also have 1.00 GB of free space on one more storage server of your choice. The purpose of the 1.00 GB free space is to allow you to test a storage server for free before you purchase more space on it. But you can also use the extra 1.00 GB space as a free backup space. And if you are not using our push CDN services (CDN Static Push or CDN Video Push) then you can use the whole 5.00 GB space as a free backup space.

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