Creating a CDN storage


Storage provides you a storage space directly integrated into our CDN network. Every storage is located on one of our storage servers also referred as push servers. Our storage servers have premium connectivity to our CDN edge servers and they are optimized for serving static content and video files. Both CDN Static Push and CDN Video Push services are designed to accelerate content from storages. Please note that there is a difference between a Storage Server and a PoP/Location/CDN edge server. A Storage Server never serves its content to your end-users, it always serves its content to our PoPs/Locations/CDN edge servers for CDN acceleration (caching). Please note that traffic between storages and our PoPs/Locations/CDN edge servers is free of charge. Also please note that storages just store content they don't interpret any programming language such as Python or PHP.

Creating a storage

To create a storage you need to choose a Label and a Storage Server for it.

  1. Go to Services → Storages.
  2. Fill in your desired Label and choose a Storage Server for your storage as in the picture below.
    Create storage
  3. Click on the Create Storage button and that's all.

Please refer to Accessing a storage for more details on how to access your storage.

Usage limit

You can set a usage limit parameter of your storages (on the Services/Storages/Settings page). For logs storages it is by default set to 95% of your server quota and for push storages (storages for push CDN services) it is by default set to 0. When set to 0 then there is no limit for the storage and the only limit is your storage server quota.

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