What is CDN?

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN) (also referred as Content Distribution Network) is a complex Internet infrastructure consisting of edge servers (a family of edge servers is called a Point of Presence - PoP or a Location) and DNS servers.

Edge servers (PoPs)

Edge servers are servers optimized for maximal throughput through the Internet. Edge servers cache your content on their ultra fast SSD drives and deliver it through the most robust networks of the Internet to your visitors.

Note that with CDNsun you have a full control over subscribed PoPs and thus you can adjust your CDN services to perfectly fit your individual needs.

Subscribe CDN Locations

DNS servers

DNS servers together with a redirection algorithm are the core components of every content delivery network. The job of DNS servers is to resolve CDN domains (e.g. cdn.mycompany.com) to edge server IP addresses close to your visitors.

How it works

When your visitor requests content on your CDN URL (e.g. http://cdn.mycompany.com/photo.jpg) our DNS servers redirect your visitor to one of our edge servers close to the visitor. The redirection algorithm redirects your visitor to the edge server which has the best latency (lowest ping) to your visitor. Moreover the redirection algorithm splits requests across edge servers with similar latency to your visitor, this feature is usually called load balancing.

Our anycast DNS infrastructure consists of DNS servers located around the globe.

DDoS protection

The following features of our content delivery network automatically mitigate some types of DDoS attacks.

  • Connectivity to edge servers is DDoS protected by data centers.
  • Edge servers have their own DDoS protection.
  • Traffic to edge servers is load balanced across multiple edge servers so the total available connectivity to them is a sum of their connectivities.

In the case of a strong attack (limit depends on region) the corresponding CDN service is suspended and you are notified by our support team.

What are the benefits of using CDN?

Faster website


With a content delivery network your website will be significantly faster and its response time will be constant in any region in the world.

More page views and lower bounce rate


Faster website will have better customer experience which will result into lower bounce rate, more time spent on your website and more page views.

Better Google, Yahoo, Bing and Alexa ranks


Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa etc. they all take the speed of your website as a key factor. Faster website will be higher in Google and will have better Alexa rank.

More new visitors


Your webiste will be higher in Google's search results and thus you will have more new visitors.

More conversions and more revenue


More visitors and better customer experience will result into more conversions and more revenue.

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