SocialEngine CDN integration


SocialEngine is a software suite that allows you to build an online social networking websites. It is a self-hosted solution with its own source code which gives you 100% control over your online resource. Here are several reasons why SocialEngine should be paid attention to:

  • It gives you an opportunity to create a simple social network that you can customize in any way.
  • It gives you the entire rights to your social network content.
  • You get access to the SocialEngine source code.

If your SocialEngine network doesn’t run fast, use a CDN to speed it up. Below you will find some instructions how to integrate CDN with SocialEngine.

Before you start

  • Before you take any steps please back up your files and database.
  • In the following, we will integrate a CDN service using the CDN domain Please visit the Services/How-To section to obtain your CDN domain.
  • To integate a CDN service on https:// website you can use or you can use a custom CDN domain with SSL enabled.
  • If your website embeds custom fonts then please first enable CORS for them.
  • Before you take any steps please make sure that your CDN domain is ready-to-use here.

Create CDN Static service

Please refer to Creating a CDN Static service for more details.

Enable CDN in SocialEngine

  1. Log in to your SocialEngine admin panel.
  2. Go to SettingsGeneral Settings.
  3. To the Static File Base URL input filed fill your CDN domain as in the picture below.
    SocialEngine CDN
  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. That's all.

SocialEngine CDN integration video tutorial


  • View HTML source code of your web pages to verify that you are using CDN, you should see source attribute of your images, CSS, JavaScript, etc. beginning with your CDN domain.
  • Don't see your CDN domain in source code of your web pages? If your website is using any cache plug-in/mechanism then you might want to clear/flush its cache.
  • Having troubles with custom fonts? Please refer to Using custom fonts with CDN - setting CORS for more details.
  • Still having troubles? Check your CDN URLs in our CDN content check or please refer to Debugging a CDN service for more hints.

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