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Wirecast CDN integration

Create a CDN Live service with Push Publishing

  1. Please refer to Creating a CDN Live service for more details.
  2. Let's assume that your CDN Live service has the following properties (please refer to Services/How-To).
    • FMS URL - rtmp://217921468.publishstream.cdnsun.net/P217921468
    • Username - P217921468
    • Password - Kmx7s14We

Enable CDN Live service in Wirecast

  1. Connect your video input devices (for example camera) to your computer and run Wirecast.
  2. Click on the camera icon and add your live streaming source.
    Wirecast add source
  3. Click on the broadcast icon in the upper left corner to add your CDN Live service.
    Wirecast add CDN Live service
  4. Fill in the Broadcast Address rtmp://217921468.publishstream.cdnsun.net/P217921468 as in the picture below.
    Wirecast Broadcat Settings
  5. Fill in your stream name.
  6. Click the Set Credentials button and fill in your Username P217921468 and your Password Kmx7s14We.
  7. As for the other options we recommend to use Wirecast/FM 1.0 as the User Agent because of its good compatibility with browsers.
  8. Continue to player integration instructions.
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