Setting a Wowza Secure Token - protect your CDN content


The Wowza Secure and Wowza Secure Token options of CDN Video, CDN Video Push and CDN Live services allow you to protect your CDN RTMP stream from unwanted viewers.

Wowza Secure only works over RTMP protocol. It encrypts RTMP stream into RTMPE (the E at the end stands for encrypted). To play an RTMPE stream the corresponding Flash player needs a valid token to decrypt the stream. Please refer to Setting a Token Authentication - protect your CDN content for more advanced CDN stream protection.

How to enable Wowza Secure

Wowza Secure can be enabled during a CDN service creation (in advanced settings) or on the Services/Settings page.

Select "Enabled" from the Wowza Secure select box and generate a Wowza Secure Token as in the picture below.

Wowza Secure Token

How to enable Wowza Secure Token in a Flash player

To enable Wowza Secure Token in the JW Player add a securetoken parameter to the JW Player configuration as in the code below.

<script type="text/javascript">
                    'securetoken': "iLxijwhKUN7T3OS1"

Please note that if you put the above code into your HTML website source code then anyone can steal the token and decrypt the RTMPE stream by himself. You should avoid exposing the token on your front-end.

What next?

Read about token authentication.

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