Overview of CDN live streaming services


There are multiple ways how to deliver live streaming via our content delivery network (CDN). In the following we give a technical overview of our CDN live streaming solutions.


  CDN Live CDN HTTP Live CDN Static Pull
Create CDN service Create Create Create
Available in all PoPs
Available in streaming PoPs
Input RTMP Push
Input RTMP Pull
Input HTTP Pull
CDN output protocols HLS, RTMP, HDS, MSS, RTSP HLS Any HTTP stream, e.g. HLS or DASH.
Transcoding protocol
Transcoding bitrate
Adaptive/Multi bitrate
Recording (DVR)
Shared SSL
Custom SSL
Documentation Help Help Help


  • To read more about a particular CDN service please refer to its documentation (link in the comparison table).
  • The following explains what is a streaming PoP. On our network page you can see a list of all our CDN Locations (PoPs). All our CDN Locations support Nginx based HTTP delivery and streaming CDN Locations (marked with the "play" icon) also support Wowza based HTTP/RTMP/RTSP delivery.
  • To read more about how to use the CDN Static service for live streaming please refer to HLS streaming through a CDN Static service.
  • Adaptive bitrate and multi bitrate are possible but you need to publish multiple streams as we don't transcode bitrate, please refer to Using a CDN Live service for adaptive and multi bitrate streaming.
  • For the CDN Live service SSL (HTTPS) is enabled automatically. To enable SSL for the CDN HTTP Live service or the CDN Static service please refer to Creating CDN services with an SSL enabled.

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