Enabling failover


Failover is way how you can avoid single point of failure in streaming of your live events. You can set up our CDN Live service to pull the origin stream from two different points. Then in the case that one point will fail there still will be the other one and our CDN will fail over to the other one and your live even will be uninterrupted.

How to enable it?

The terminology differs based on CDN service publishing.

  • Pull Publishing - set up a Failover Origin URL
  • Push Publishing - set up a Failover Origin PoP

You can set up the above on the Services/Settings page or in advanced settings during the CDN service creation. Please note that both streams primary and failover has to be active otherwise the CDN failover will no work. In particular in the case of Push publishing you have to publish to both FMS URL and Backup FMS URL from your live encoder.

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