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Create CDN Custom SSL Certificate





Curl example

curl -i -X POST -u username:password -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json' --url 'https://cdnsun.com/api/custom-ssl-certificates' -d '{"custom_ssl_certificate":{"cdn_id":5,"certificate":"-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\\nMIIDX7uCaIo7IWnNFn3RfEf\\nQG1Tzzj70gbiKpQ=\\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----\\n-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\\n3ednkIjdWnNFn3RfEf\\nQG1Tzzj70gbiP3=\\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----","certificate_key":"-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\\nVIDX8uCaIo7IWnNFn3RfEf\\nQG1Tzzj70gbiKa1=\\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----"}}'


OptionData TypeDescriptionExampleNote
cdn_id*integerCustom SSL Certificate CDN Service ID.5 
certificate*stringCustom SSL Certificate content in PEM format.-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\nMIIDX7uCaIo7IWnNFn3RfEf\nQG1Tzzj70gbiKpQ=\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n3ednkIjdWnNFn3RfEf\nQG1Tzzj70gbiP3=\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----Replace new line characters with \n or \\n. Append all intermediate certificates.
certificate_key*stringCustom SSL Certificate key in PEM format.-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\nVIDX8uCaIo7IWnNFn3RfEf\nQG1Tzzj70gbiKa1=\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----Replace new line characters with \n or \\n.


Please note that only SNI SSL certificates can be created. Please refer to Creating CDN services with an SSL enabled for more details.
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