Get CDN Static Push service(s) details




Curl example

curl -i -X GET -u username:password -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json' --url '[/ID]'


OptionData TypeDescription
IDintegerCDN service ID.
statusstringCDN service status.
service_typestringCDN service type.
service_domainstringIndicates the domain name for customized CDN URLs.
origin_storage_idintegerThe integer ID of the Origin Storage. It is the source of origin content for the CDN service.
service_identifierstringReady-to-use domain which serves CDN content.
ssl_onbooleanWhether Shared SSL is enabled or disabled.
cache_expiryintegerCDN cache expiry time in minutes.
url_signing_onbooleanWhether URL Signing is enabled or disabled.
url_signing_keystringThe key for URL Signing.
proxy_cache_keystringThe CDN cache key.
mp4_pseudo_onbooleanWhether MP4 Pseudo Streaming is enabled or disabled.
flv_pseudo_onbooleanWhether FLV Pseudo Streaming is enabled or disabled.
ignore_set_cookie_onbooleanWhether Ignore Set-Cookie is enabled or disabled.
block_crawlers_onbooleanWhether Block Search Engine Crawlers is enabled or disabled.
secondary_service_domainsarraySecondary Service Domains.
location_idsarrayThe integer ID(s) of subscribed CDN Locations.

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