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How CDN Works

Distance to your visitors is the key aspect

Classical Set up - without CDN

The most frequent set up is that you have a website at one location (most likely also at one server) in the world. If all your visitors are near to that location then it is usually a well working set up.

But what if you have visitors from around the world?

There is a natural problem. Speed of communication through Internet is very high but still limited. And on big distances your server is too far from your visitors to serve your website flawlessly. Moreover, Google rankings of your website at countries far from you are not as good as they could be because just like your visitors also Google takes latency (speed) of your website as the key factor.

How CDNsun works (without)

CDN Architecture

With CDN your data will be distributed to more than 70 data centers (PoPs) around the world. The distance between your content and your visitors will significantly reduce which will result into better customer experience and higher Google rankings. Moreover, all our CDN edge servers are connected to the largest and most robust networks of the Internet and they are equipped with the fastest SSD drives which will increase your online performance even more.

How CDNsun works (with)

How Does CDN Work?

When a visitor requests your CDN content our DNS redirection system redirects the visitor to our CDN edge server closest to your visitor. This ensures significantly faster responses of your website to any visitor from any country in the world.


On the distance over the Atlantic Ocean CDN can cut loading time of your website by 5 seconds. Well, it is an essential difference due to the fact that 80% of people leave a website if it is not loaded under 3 seconds (and 57% of those people will never return).

How Is Content Uploaded to CDN?

Your content is pulled from your website or from your CDNsun CDN storage by our CDN edge servers automatically when it is requested by your visitors.

When some your visitor at some location in the world requests your CDN content, the content is pulled from your server (if it is not already cached), then it is served to the visitor and then it is cached at our CDN edge server. All additional requests in that location are served from that CDN edge server until the content expires.

Moreover, you can control expiry time and you can prefetch your content to all CDN edge servers immediately using our dashboard or API.

How to Set up CDN?

Enabling CDN on your website is very easy and moreover, after the initial integration CDN works automatically and requires no further administration.

In addtion, we provide:

  • Easy CDN integrations into the most common website solutions like Wordpress, PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc.
  • Initial integration support free of charge to all our customers.
  • 24/7 technical support via email, phone and live chat.

Find out more in the help section.

How to Use CDN?

To use CDN you need to change source attribute of your content (image, CSS, video, ..) to point to a CDN URL and that's all.

Moreover, majority of complete website solutions like WordPress, PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc. come with a CDN plugin and therefore the integration is even easier. Find out more in the help section.

In addition we provide free help with initial integration of our CDN into your website.

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